Everyone needs a starting point to define their goals that ensures one’s success in the end. It all starts with a positive and determined mindset. Mindset is created and molded from the environment you surround yourself in. At Release Point Performance, our mindset mantra revolves arounds these five pillars: People, Standards, Discipline, Attention to Detail and Accountability.


Treat those around you with the same love and respect you want for yourself. The characteristics you live and lead with will create the lifestyle of those you surround yourself with.


The level of quality you demand and present to others. Our bar will always be set high to ensure you have professional, fit and educated coaches that ensure your goal-oriented expectations are always met.


Those who stay disciplined will always accomplish their goals. The more one allows themselves to make excuses, the more apt they are to fail. Creating routine in your daily conduct sets a standard of discipline that you can’t deviate from.


Attention to detail allows focus to daily tasks. Ultimately meaning, be in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment ready to complete the task. If these things aren’t built into routine, then little tasks become big tasks that get written off for another day.


Accountability is the must have consequences to any short coming of the aforementioned pillars. Surround yourself with people who have the discipline to possess detailed standards that will hold you accountable when you stray off your path.